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  "Sound clinical environment 3" thought of the film praised Liu Lin Zhang Yun Hu Jun and look forward to further cooperation Liu Lin tells the program recording experience China Network Entertainment News January 9, built by the Hunan Satellite TV effort to charm the original sound play competition show "sound clinical environment 3," the third quarter of the third phase will be held January 11 Saturday night 22 : 00-time broadcast.At the end of two programs, "sound clinical environment 3" held yesterday in Beijing will meet the media and the thought of the film, the third phase of the program, one mysterious sound cafe "Treasure Girl" Liu Lin attended the scene.Thought of the film scene, Liu Lin surprise not only restore "to know whether it should be known whether Lvfeihongshou" large lady classic lines, also broke the news to their usual love visiting the station B, and outputs the same period Zhang Yun crazy rainbow fart.Liu Lin watching "sound clinical environment 3" program fragment Liu Lin spot reduction "know no" big lady blew like visiting the station B during his nearly 30 years, Liu Lin created numerous roles."Camphor" in good Tolerance Tao Ni, V "agents group" in the wise and courageous Ouyang Jianping, "Uncle and young" gentle and quiet single mother Zhao Li, "to know whether we should know whether Lvfeihongshou" looks tough, forceful personality was kind of big heart lady Ruo Dover.In either role, Liu Lin can be just perfect, the different roles of the characters a fine display in front of the audience.In this program, Liu Lin interpretation of the "Camel" in the aggressive vulgar Tigress and Russian film "Red Cherry" in two neat little girl role, its huge voice which made the contrast to see films in advance of the media times a sense of surprise.Thought of the film scene, Liu Lin filed to participate in "sound clinical environment 3" feeling "the time into the role completely immersed in the atmosphere, after attending the program, start slowly to dub with interest", and to restore the site a period of "know whether we should know whether Lvfeihongshou" classic lines.In addition, talk to the audience quite well blew Liu Lin also likes to visit B station, she said in the B station to see more Kichiku clips, or even suspect that their work is dubbed "This is my original do?"Funny speech Xiaofan presence of the media.Liu Lin attended the "sound clinical environment 3" to see the film will be on-site assessment chief Liu Lin Zhang Yun sound coffee non-stop praise after the two programs, chief among the mysterious sound of coffee and coffee elect sound, performance has formed a complete closed-loop.After the first round of the double "melee", the audience expectations for the program climbed to the summit.Finished recording "sound clinical environment 3," Liu Lin for the four chief sound coffee has its own rating.She told the audience, Bing is her source of happiness, every word can make her laugh when filming cooperation earlier; Hu Jun, particularly manly, and then hope to cooperate with him; Han Xue very dignified atmosphere is calm and beautiful girl; Wang Yaoqing surface is a personable gentleman actually playful and lively."Sound clinical environment 3" thought of the film in addition to a question from the chief sound coffee, coffee mysterious sound Zhang Yun also left her a deep impression.Liu Lin Zhang Yun said at the scene that can act as "Treasure Girl" actor, both skills, but also to convey the feelings, giving her surprises.Not only that, she also revealed that she and Zhang Yun had co-starred in "knowing no", but never met.The result of the program become attached to her sincere love with the "Treasure Girl", also Zhang Yun microblogging message for her encouragement cheer.Live "sound" feeling, from the heart.Liu Lin wonderful performance that captivated the audience, but also people increasingly expect her on the show more exciting performance.In the third phase of the program, and strength of Liu Lin who will select the chief coffee together with sound?Other mysterious sound of coffee and how will the performance?January 11 Saturday night 22:00 Hunan TV "sound clinical environment 3" for your Secret.


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