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  Kyushu, Japan on the 3rd or suffered flooding and heavy rain of the Meteorological Agency called on to evacuate as soon as possible According to the "Central News Agency" reports, the Japan Meteorological Agency forecast, Kyushu July 3rd to 4th fear come out one day down in previous years, flooding and heavy rain rainfall throughout the month July 1, the Meteorological Agency director, the official forecast for good black Ryuta held on the 2nd interim press conference said, "his life on our own guardian", called on to evacuate as soon as possible.According to reports, by days of heavy rain, the Government of Japan and the Ministry of Land, Ministry of Internal Affairs Fire Department as of 6 am Japan time 2 30 branch aggregated information shows that in six counties Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Niigata, a total of 12 where landslides and other disasters, debris, and there is one person who lost their lives in Kagoshima.In addition, as of 7:30 local time only, Kagoshima one houses completely destroyed, Kagoshima and Kumamoto together, there were four half-ruined houses, Kagoshima Prefecture and Ishikawa total of three houses partially damaged , Kumamoto and Ishikawa together, there were 22 homes flooded.Black Dragon is too good representation to Kyushu in western Japan as the center of local, local time to 4 pm, will likely lower the hazard of heavy rain, he hopes people will understand that it would be "the guardian of their lives on our own." the situation should be well prepared to evacuate as soon as possible.He said that this wave of Meiyu front face has brought record-breaking heavy rain to the island of Kyushu places, and days of heavy rain caused by loose strata, the people in addition to debris to prevent disasters, but also to pay attention to low-lying areas flooded, the water surge and flooding and other disasters.Black Dragon good too pointed out that people should keep abreast of local meteorological observatory issued weather alerts and other information, and comply with the city, town or village government issued evacuation advice, etc., in order to protect the safety of themselves and their families, should leave the dangerous area as soon as possible.Kyushus Kagoshima and other places on the 2nd also lowered heavy rain, the Meteorological Agency said that Kyushu is currently subject to retention Meiyu front face and warm moist air flows and other factors, it began to rain in some areas off.According to current forecasts, western Japan until 5 may be lowered intermittent heavy rainfall.Especially in the morning local time on the 3rd to 4th, some areas may Kyushu began to hazard more than 80 millimeters of rain per hour, equivalent to a day of rain possible in previous years, July 1 throughout the month of rainfall.As local time at 8:30 on the 2nd stop, Kagoshima, Kumamoto and Ehime 3 county government, for a total of 39.60000, about 84.80,000 issued evacuation advisory.Evacuation advisory belonging to the heavy rain warning 2 Level 4 dangerous phase 5, meaning everyone within the target area to evacuate their homes as soon as possible, to the local government set up a refuge or safe area.


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