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  Macau Grand Bay City Womens Federation jointly women and children gathered in career development Jointly organized by the Womens General Association of Macau, Macau Foundation "Development of Women and Children Macao Exhibition and Forum", held in the afternoon of the 27th at the Macau Tower, 11 Bay Area cities Macao Womens Federation delegates who are here for the development of the cause of women and children Grand Bay Area offer advice and suggestions.CPPCC Vice Chairman Edmund Ho, Macao SAR Chief Executive Fernando Chui Sai On, Macao Liaison Office Director Fu Ziying, vice chairman of the All-China Womens Federation XIA, the Commissioner of the Foreign Ministry in the Macao Special Commissioner, attended the Shen Beili.Social Affairs and Culture of Macao SAR Government Alexis Tam said in his speech, the Macao SAR Government, through the implementation of the compulsory education system, Bing full implementation of the 15-year free education starting in 2007, effectively enhance the opportunities for women equal access to education.In health care, the Government provided free health care system, including infant and child health, maternal health care, etc..For women, it also provides free cervical cancer and breast cancer screening, to provide quality protection for womens health and life.XIA said at the meeting, since Macao returned to the motherland, the central government and the strong support of the mainland regions, Macao full advantage of "one country two systems" and embarked on a broad road of common development with the mainland motherland.In the Bay Area since the Guangdong, Hong Kong-building strategy put forward, Macau women take the initiative as an active part in the construction of large Bay Area, and achieved good results."Macau Maternal and Child Development Exhibition" on display over a hundred pieces of precious pictures, pictures, and text data, multi-angle reflecting the overall appearance of Macao 20 years for women and children development and outstanding achievements in various fields, to show to get a sense of women and children since Macaos return and happiness, tell a good story to the world womens Macao."Guangdong, Hong Kong Bay Area Womens Development Forum" held in the same field, around the "Bay Area women and children collaborative development," the theme in depth on how to play their own unique advantages, the development of the Greater Bay Area cause of women and children.The forum also issued a "Guangdong, Hong Kong Bay Area womens organizations first phase of the cooperation project" to enhance womens Bay Area and get a sense of well-being.


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