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  Italy, the wealth gap between rich and poor has expanded each year 2019, six times the income difference According to EU networking news agency reported citing the European Union, the European Bureau of Statistics recently released a social analysis of per capita income assessment report in 2020, the average income of the wealthy Italian society groups in the lower income groups more than 6 times higher.According to reports, this report is drawn from 2020 to 2020, a comprehensive analysis of large data-based revenue in Europe.The report shows that in 2020, the average income of the wealthy Italian for 5 low-income people.92 times, and this data is expanded in 2020 to 6.09 times, the results show that the gap between rich and poor Italian society is being gradually widening.The report notes that in the most populous country in Europe, Italys largest wealth gap.Other major countries, Germany affluent income groups, low-income groups 5.07 times, France 4.23 times, UK 5.95 times, Spain 6.03 times.According to the latest 2020 statistics released by the Italian major areas of government, the wealth gap between different regions of Italy are not the same.The most affluent group of wealthy province of Bolzano, which is four times the income of only low-income groups.But in Sicily and Campania, Italy underdeveloped areas, the average income of the poor than rich groups 7.4 times, 6 Lazio.5 times, Lombardy 5.4 times.The report stressed that the wealth gap more than 65 year-old Italian retired population is relatively small, and social groups under the age of 65, the wealth gap in 2017 was 6.34 times in 2020, has been extended to 6.55 times.


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