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  Chinese commercial banks to strengthen the equity management official deadline to complete the share hosting Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission 23 announced, shares of commercial banks to strengthen management, enhance information transparency equity commercial banks, commercial banks do equity transmissive supervision, the agency recently issued "commercial bank equity trusteeship approach".Data Figure: Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission.China news agency reporters Gu Tianyong and She Suowei share custody, refers to the commercial banks and custodian service agreement, entrust its management of commercial bank register of shareholders, ownership information, and act on behalf of the stake Management.Early last year, China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a document presented silver Commercial banks should establish an equity trusteeship system.In practice, some commercial banks conducted share custody, improve the overall level of equity management, reduce the cost of equity management.However, these practices are still some non-standard place, such as custodian hardware conditions, the level of service is uneven, there is part of the equity "in the form of trust" phenomenon.To give full play to the role of custodian of equity, equity custodian banks regulate behavior, improve information transparency and equity stake in the bank management level, silver CIRC organized the drafting of the "measures".Silver CIRC department heads stressed that commercial banks should follow the "measures" to meet the requirements of the selected trustee.In particular, for listing in the three new board listed commercial banks, "Securities Law" and other relevant laws and regulations of its equity forth explicit requirements of hosting, hosting its equity in accordance with existing laws and regulations.For unlisted commercial banks, existing laws and regulations are not explicitly required by its share custody, is highly dependent on its equity management company autonomy.In recent years, some banks due to weak corporate governance have some stake in chaos.Therefore, the silver CIRC From a prudential point of view, the requirements are not listed commercial banks in accordance with market principles will share custody to securities registration and settlement institutions established by law, in line with the "measures" and not regional equity market operators or in the blacklist rules other equity depositories.Turning to the work of transitional arrangements share custody of the commercial banks, The official said, unmanaged commercial banks should before the end of June 2020, according to the "measures" required to complete the custodian; at the same time, commercial banks should not be completed before the end of June 2020 less than 80% of the shares is indeed the right, at the end of December 2021 to complete the entire equity interest in the right to do.


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Chinese commercial banks to strengthen the equity management official deadline to complete the share hosting Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission 23 ann