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  Hangzhou lost contact girls mother to respond to the question: there is no money to foreign debt, Zhejiang Lost contact girls mother to respond to the question: no money to Zhejiang, recently divorced toll in Hangzhou and Hangzhou Chunan still owes 9-year-old girl lost to Akikos father Zhang Jun Yan scene stick rescue lost contact with her daughter look forward to different messages, Akiko Hin biological mother has not been seen in public, nor rushed from his home in Chongqing, Zhejiang.In July 8th chapter of the missing daughter of the military police, to coincide with his son Zhang Yan divorced mother agreed period, morning, Zhang Jun and professionals came from Chunan County Civil Affairs Bureau in Chongqing wife divorced, asked to see the after her daughter not, Zhang Zi Yans mother returned from Chongqing, Zhejiang.All kinds of "perversion" led to users questioned Zhang Yan mother of the child.And some users to wonder if she lost contact with the girls is directly related to the event itself.Hangzhou police said there did not find the child mother suspects.The evening of July 11, surging News telephone interview with Zhang Zi Yans mother far away in his hometown of Chongqing, in an interview, she netizens questioned and Internet rumors were positive reply.Facing users questioned why the face of the message does not come close to Zhejiang, waiting for her daughters voice tired Zhang Xin mother gives the child a very real answer: "I want to come, but it is not money.Last Hangzhou getting a divorce tolls or borrowed, still owes."Welcoming family constraints lead to Akiko Akiko mother not to Zhejiang Yans mother told the news surging, lost contact after confirming his daughter, fearing her daughter, she has been in a sleep state, news reports from time to time to brush her daughters understanding of the situation.Chongqing home far away in the mountains of her, only to find out the latest developments by telephone contact with her daughter, uncle, or to their contact Reporter.But cash-strapped family, she has become the biggest obstacle to Zhejiang Xiangshan.She told the News of emotion on the phone, because living in poverty, after himself rushed to Zhang Jun, Zhejiang and go through the toll divorce proceedings, which have allowed her relatives and friends 6000 yuan debt owed.Former outstanding debt, she discredited friends again opening.Distress economic conditions she can not afford to travel long distances again.Zhang Zi Yans mother told the news surging, she is currently a silicone plant in Dongguan, Guangdong to work, the main work is to carry out security checks for finished products factory.The average monthly income of 3,000 yuan.Although the work in Guangdong, there will be life out there working with his father and other relatives use the service, but she wants to bear alone the rent and living expenses, and together with his father regularly send money back home.One to two to go, very few deposits.For why not lend the funds to her ex-husband went to Zhejiang, she said, after his own four years ago ran away from home, because the old waist injury hair, Zhang Jun was offered to bear the medical expenses for her, she refused.After the divorce, she will be less likely to spend money to her ex-husband.She told this news emotion, her mountain home underdeveloped economy, migrant workers are the main choice of the locals.Own and her ex-husband Zhang Jun, also when she met 17-year-old working in Hangzhou.In 2010, they had a son Zhang Yan.At that time too young himself, until 2013 only received a marriage certificate with her ex-husband.Marriage emotional breakdown after running away from home Akiko Xin was born, helping elderly people with children.Although divorce her husband, but she still says, elderly people are good good good."After marriage, I Zhixing Zi itself same hot temper and Zhang Jun from time to time because of family squabble, conflict, feelings are gradually broken.By 2015, after another family conflicts broke out, I walked out alone to my dad workers in Guangzhou.That year I was 23 years old.Inability to raise her daughter, my only daughter to stay in-laws."she says."Although Zhang Jun temper often irritable, marriage often quarreled, and even fight, but family conflicts are mutual dealings, not to mention domestic violence, both sides have a responsibility.I leave the rupture mainly based on personal relationships."she says.She told the News of emotion, just left home, she was also in regular contact with her daughter by telephone, etc., but also give them the father and daughter to buy her clothes by mail.The passage of heavy work, time, and later gradually reduce the number of contact.In the meantime, Zhang Jun many times to contact her, advised her to go home, but since that affection has been completely broken, she refused, and repeatedly asked for a divorce.This year after repeated communication, chapter army finally agreed to divorce, and divorce agreement in early July in the Lake.She said: "In order to raise tolls Zhejiang, I borrowed 6,000 yuan to relatives and friends, accompanied by his uncles home, arrived in Chunan July 7, 8 in the morning and Zhang Jun to the county civil affairs bureau divorced.After I bought the train station ticket together with his uncle returned to Chongqing."She said that during a divorce, he does not know her daughter had lost contact, but also wanted to meet his daughter.Upon request, Zhang Jun said her daughter had been out to play with, because Zhang Jun and her in-laws has been very loving daughter, so she was not very concerned about, and then leave with regrets.Until 10 July daughter uncle sent a message and links to news, to know her daughter lost the Union, when she had returned to Chongqing.


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