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  Xinjiang nearly 28 million poor people benefit from the "+ financial industry" Poverty Reporter on the 24th learned from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Information Office press conference held this year, Xinjiang through financial support for poor industry to drive nearly 28 million poor people increase, accounting for 10% of the total poor population in Xinjiang.Central Branch of Peoples Bank of China Deputy Governor Chenyuan Fu Urumqi, said the first half of Xinjiang steady run into financial, credit insurance firm focus on livelihood security efforts.The depth of poverty-stricken areas to focus on poverty alleviation through microcredit, financial support to poor industry and other measures to promote the full range of financial poverty alleviation in Xinjiang.It is reported that, as of the end of June this year, the cumulative distribution of Xinjiang Poverty Alleviation Microfinance 36.60000, the amount 128.900 million yuan, there is demand for loans coverage rate of 90.6%.In the first quarter, Xinjiang financial accurate poverty alleviation loans exceed 88.3 billion yuan, of which, Xinjiang industrial precision poverty alleviation loans exceed 36.8 billion yuan, driven by financial support for poor industry nearly 28 million poor people increase, accounting for 10% of the total poor population in Xinjiang.Chenyuan Fu said, the next step to improve the quality of poverty, and resolutely prevent back into poverty as the focus, the financial system will integrate resources to build pro-poor financial credit, consumer finance pro-poor, pro-poor public finance and financial and cultural poverty "four-wheel drive" Financial poverty reduction mode, do good financial accurate financial support poverty alleviation and rural revitalization of convergence, to enhance the overall effectiveness of financial poverty.


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