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  Three new cases of pneumonia Sichuan Province confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infection According to the Sichuan health committee official microblogging 23 news, Sichuan Province, three new confirmed cases of imported cases of pneumonia novel coronavirus infection.Patients Yang, 50-year-old male, Jan. 13 to return to Chengdu from Wuhan.January 20 due to fever, cough, shortness of breath and other symptoms to a hospital in Chengdu, immediately admitted to hospital isolation.Patients Wu, 48-year-old male, Jan. 10 to return to Chengdu from Wuhan.January 20 due to fever to a hospital in Chengdu, immediately admitted to hospital isolation.Dumou patient, 36-year-old male, January 17 to reach the state from Wuhan.January 20 due to fever, fatigue symptoms in some private clinics Dazhou treatment, 20 to a hospital, the hospital immediately admitted to isolation.Accordance with the "novel coronavirus infection pneumonia treatment program," according to clinical manifestations of cases, combined with epidemiological history, laboratory test results, the provincial expert group confirmed three cases of pneumonia cases are imported cases of novel coronavirus infection.As of 8 pm January 23, Sichuan Province reported a total of novel coronavirus infection confirmed cases of pneumonia in 8 cases, 4 cases of suspected cases, more than 12 per capita for treatment at designated medical institutions, a stable condition.Medical observation has been implemented to close contacts, there was no fever and other anomalies.Microblogging screenshots


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