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  Pilot natural rubber "Insurance + futures" on the issue of the expansion of On the issue of the expansion of natural rubber "Insurance + futures" pilot poverty alleviation plug for the precise financial "wings" Recently, the Shanghai Futures Exchange in 2020 natural rubber "Insurance + futures" precision poverty alleviation pilot forum held in Shanghai.Conference revealed that in 2020, the last issue of natural rubber will further increase "Insurance + futures" precision poverty alleviation pilot support, covering Hainan and Yunnan provinces 20 poverty-stricken counties, linked to natural rubber spot output of 100,000 tons, and continues to build Li card poor households shift tilt.The last issue will invest 1.0.6 billion yuan of special funds, to support projects carried out."Last year I attended the first natural rubber Insurance + futures poverty alleviation projects, planted 85 acres of rubber 2800, won the 3978 yuan payment."Rubber farmers on behalf of Baisha County, Hainan Province, Yang Feng said pole.Natural rubber is an important strategic materials, mainly concentrated in the growing regions of Yunnan and Hainan, mostly border, ethnic minority areas and national poverty-stricken areas.The only depth of poverty-stricken counties Hainan Baisha County, the county is private rubber plantation."The county rural per capita holdings rubber highest in the country, a rubber farmer income in household income accounted for up to 60% -70%."Baisha County Finance Office Pan Xiaoxin, in recent years, the price of natural rubber market downturn has seriously affected rubber farmers income.To break this dilemma, on the period to the insurance companies, futures companies to build a platform for cooperation, "Insurance + futures" precise pilot poverty alleviation was officially launched in 2017.The exchange of funds, insurance companies, to rubber farmers out insurance policies, futures companies to help insurance companies to hedge risk.Like sheep, like the phoenix pole, Baisha County, a total of 12,841 rubber farmers have tasted the sweetness in the "Insurance + futures" project last year."With financial knowledge and expertise serve the real economy, the service three rural, poverty-stricken counties to help finance poverty, industrial poverty."The director of the show Yan by a set of numbers on the period 2020 Poverty victories: the amount of 69.3 million yuan to support; covering 20 poverty-stricken counties; rubber farmers to benefit poor 5.More than 60,000 households; 30 projects are generating paid; the average loss ratio of 84.59%.One end was guarding "third acre of land," the rubber farmers and the other end is seemingly inscrutable, so many people stay away of the financial derivatives market, on the period for the two to create a "bridge".Tong Zeng, deputy director of the General Office of the Commission introduced in 2020, three exchange-supported "Insurance + futures" project to benefit farmers 25.90000, compared with 2016, an increase of 11 financial support.5 times, benefiting farmers grow 20.6 times.This year, 41 units through the assessment program, covering 20 poverty-stricken counties, linked to natural rubber production of 100,000 tons spot.Minmetals easy to futures is one of the signing of 41 units, general manager Zhang Bizhen at the forum, said: "Insurance + futures" precision poverty alleviation projects, so look for futures companies in the service of the national strategy, service "three rural", etc. the positioning of the quasi.Central document for several years that "expand" Insurance + futures pilot."This model will continue to spread deepen, explore the establishment of reproducible, replicable, sustainable operation mechanism, to better serve the real economy, help the poor stability of rubber farmers out of poverty."Yan financial accurate poverty reduction in the future development of confidence.At the meeting, the issue of the Yunnan Natural Rubber Industry Group Co., Ltd., Hainan Natural Rubber Industry Group Co., Ltd. signed "2020 natural rubber OTC options industry Poverty Alleviation Pilot project cooperation agreement", OTC options natural rubber industry Poverty Alleviation Pilot Project Officially launched.Yan said the nine companies selected for the Futures project, the previous period will invest 16 million yuan of special funds to support pilot work.Group Executive Vice President Li Qisheng said rubber sea, natural rubber "OTC options + Industry + Poverty Alleviation Pilot Project" is the last issue of the Financial Assistance Mechanism another innovation: "not only the protection of rubber farmers income, an important means to help poor precision, but also to promote Hainan rubber Insurance is important."Zhou Yuan Lin creek


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