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  Diplomatic idiom Shu leader said the first 180 friends, come! January 6, after the Beijing First Clearing snow.2020 ushered in the Great Hall of the first foreign heads of state visiting - President of Kiribati Ma-mao.Last week, the President said in New Year message: "Some countries in the world have diplomatic relations with our country, our country reached 200 countries having diplomatic relations.We have friends all over the world!"This is the first 200 friends, is the Pacific island nation of Kiribati.Last September, on the basis of the one China principle, China resumed diplomatic relations with Kiribati.After more than three months, President Ma Mao was invited to pay a state visit to China."Mr. President and the Kiribati government on the right side of history, fully reflects the strategic vision and political courage, the Chinese side highly appreciates."The President said this during the meeting.He said that President Ma Mao current visit is the development of the base relations "important milestone".The vast expanse of the South Pacific, dotted with islands.Pacific island nation located in the periphery of China and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road extended zone, is an important member of the Asia-Pacific community.Friendly relations between China and Pacific island countries, the President has always attached great importance to.He repeatedly said that China uphold the correct concept of justice and benefit and sincere concept of real pro strengthen unity and cooperation with the Pacific island countries.We do not have self-interest in the island, does not seek so-called "spheres of influence" will always be trustworthy island of good friends and partners.The Kiribati has been able to eliminate interference, make important decisions resumption of diplomatic relations with the Peoples Republic of China, with President Ma Maos words, is "based on Chinas trust and confidence.".He had also said that based parties increasingly recognize that to achieve national development, China needs such a great brother and friend.Germany not alone, there must be o.This is a recent China "make friends" of Schedule - 2016, Gambia, Sao Tome and Principe; 2017, Panama; in 2020, Dominica, Burkina Faso, El Salvador; in 2020, the Solomon Islands , Kiribati.Four years, eight countries established diplomatic ties with China, resumed diplomatic relations, which shows one-China principle is the trend and popular feeling."We have friends all over the world", due to the international community to Chinese philosophy, Chinese sincere recognition program."China has consistently adhered to equality of nations large and small", "China adheres to peaceful development, not to engage in power is bound to tyrants," "China respects the radical party independently choose development paths suited to their own national conditions." .In talks with President Ma Ying-mao, chairman, then transfer to a consistent principle of Chinas independent foreign policy of peace.The base relations have a detour.Experienced twists and turns, it is more clearly in the right direction; experienced wind and rain, will usher in a more brilliant rainbow.As the President was talking about: "Friendly alphabetical order, as long as unfolded, there will be a bright future."Since the resumption of diplomatic relations in the group, the two sides in various fields and at all levels of exchanges and cooperation flourished, made a lot of early harvest."Facts have proved that the base resumption of diplomatic relations conforms to the common interests of the two peoples, broad prospects for development of bilateral relations."During the talks, President Ma said Chairman Mao.It is particularly worth mentioning is that, after the talks, the two heads of state in the base witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two countries to build "along the way".This marks China established diplomatic relations with all 10 Pacific Island countries have signed up to build "along the way" cooperation documents.Talks also revealed the good news: China has approved Kiribati to Chinese group tourists destination country.Kiribati is the only country in the world at the same time across the four hemispheres East and West, but also across the international date line, the first country to usher in the New Year.Kiribati people want to see, you can begin to prepare."The presidents visit comes Beijing ushered in the New Years first snow.Chinese have a saying, misfortune.We are confident that by 2020, Chinas development will be better."New Year, the Presidents words, a long implication.Producer: Zhao Cheng planning: Huo Xiaoguang Producer: Liu, Du Yu, according to Yang Jun Text: Warm photography: Wong Ching Man, Ding Haitao, Ding Lin Editor: Hao Xiaojing Xinhua News Agency domestic unit produced


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