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  Russian passenger plane cockpit smoke due to stop off at least eight people were injured According to the Russian satellite network reported that the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry said Tuesday that a Boeing 747 flying from Sheremetyevo airport because of cockpit smoke stopped taxiing, inflatable slides along the emergency evacuation of passengers, at least eight people were injured.According to reports, the aircraft plans from Moscow to Yerevan.Russian Emergency Situations Ministry said 207 passengers have been evacuated aircraft, there are at least eight passengers were injured during evacuation by inflatable slides, spare aircraft being prepared.Airport officials confirmed that the accident occurred on a flight to Yerevan.There is no official statement cockpit fire or smoke.In May this year, a northwestern city of Murmansk to Russias SSJ100 aircraft less than 30 minutes after takeoff, caught fire in the Moscow Sheremetyevo airport emergency landing, the accident led to 41 people on board, 78 people are killed.


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